Experienced Sushi Chef

Experienced Sushi Chef

When it comes to preparing quality dishes, Chef Eric Ou is on top of his game.   Using his experience as a classically-trained sushi chef, he fuses that with Hawaiian poke, and Mexican flair to create an entirely new cuisine: the Sushi Burrito.

From the famous poke bowls to the Las Vegas sushi burrito, to the different sides and dishes of his creation, his familiarity with the different elements of a dish has turned him into the successful chef he is today. With years of experience, this award-winning chef has become familiar with the secrets and techniques that will turn a set of ingredients into a celebration of flavors.

Cooking is a form of art that everyone can appreciate. From the combination of the flavors to the different textures of each element, to the varying temperatures present on a dish; food is an art form that everyone can experience. There is so much work and effort that goes into creating an amazing dish. Behind every dish is a chef who has worked hard to provide diners with a dining experience they can truly enjoy.

About the Chef

Chef Eric Ou is an award-winning chef who makes art out of creating wonderfully crafted and mouth-watering dishes. His interesting signatures such as the sushi burrito in Las Vegas, the famous poke bowls, and more says a lot about the creativity of this executive chef. With over 15 years of experience, Eric Ou has developed a familiarity with food that leads him to create stunning dishes that shine thanks to their artful simplicity. Starting as a student taking up Restaurant/Food Services Management at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas he has cooked his way to becoming a corporate sushi chef. His love for sushi has taken him all over the globe in places like Las Vegas, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Washington, New York, and Australia. Now, he is cooking up a storm with his menu at Poukei which includes creative dishes such as the popular poke bowls and sushiritto Las Vegas NV.

A Reverence for Food

Having a healthy reverence for the food is always a great idea when it comes to producing high-quality dishes. According to the chef, there are so many elements to take into consideration when it comes to creating a dish such as the Las Vegas sushiritto. First off, he believes, that chefs should acquaint themselves with the market. In a lot of dishes, such as the Las Vegas sushiritto, the freshness and the quality of the ingredients will dictate the result. According to the fish merchants at Wings of St. Mawes, having enough knowledge in the best fish for each poke dish and each season will help ensure quality and freshness. This knowledge comes in handy when preparing dishes like the sushiritto Las Vegas NV where quality is key.

Creative and Intelligent Preparation

From an interview done by New Times Miami, Chef Eric Ou Stated that there is more to food and sushi burrito preparation than just cooking. In order to create great dishes, the chef stated that there must be an understanding of elements that work well together and elements that just won’t work. It also takes a fair bit of creativity to come up with new exciting dishes that will catch attention. From the Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls to the sushiritto in Las Vegas, there’s always room for creativity when cooking up some new recipes. Although mastering the art of fusion cuisine can be quite tricky, adding fun and interesting twists and variations to traditional cooking will add an extra element to an otherwise ordinary dish.

Have a Taste!

Looking to have a taste of this chef’s dishes? Check out Poukei and have a bite of the sushiritto Las Vegas NV. Like everything on the menu, these dishes are created with only the freshest sushi burrito ingredients and responsibly sourced meat and fish. With so much quality and creativity placed into creating the sushiritto Las Vegas NV, there’s no question that every diner will enjoy an amazing meal.

To have a taste of the Las Vegas sushiritto, make sure to check out Poukei at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The restaurant opens at 11 am every day and closes at 11pm from Sunday to Thursday and at 12 am on Friday and Saturday. Sushi Burritos are perfect for every meal no matter what time of day it is. For more information on the restaurant check out our page or call us at (702)331-5562).